Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Break Out and Dance

Sometimes I really wonder what is wrong with me.  Today I kept getting the urge to break out and do the Running Man while I was in the office.  What in the hell?  The urge got so bad that I finally had to tell somebody.  So, I decided to tell the receptionist as I was heading to the kitchen to grab my daily La Croix. 

Me:  "Roxana, what's up?"
Roxana: "Nothing much.  How are you?"
Me:  "Great, except I keep having the urge to do the Running Man."
Roxana:  ::crickets::
Me:  "You know, the dance move....the Running Man."  And at this point I attempt to do it in my high heals.  It had the less than desired affect.   I was missing the real fluidity needed for an impeccable Running Man.
Roxana:  Laughter.  "You should join a Flash Mob."
Me:  "That is a great idea!"

I guess my point in all of this is sometimes it's worth taking some time from your day to be silly and share in a laugh to brighten your day.  Not to mention, it can help generate great ideas.  Now, off to Google how to join a Flash Mob.


  1. you are fantastic!!! i love that!! i have what i call 3 minute dance parties. sometimes i am alone and i blare the music and go nuts, other times with my kids. i love doing it when we are right in the middle of dinner and yell '3minute dance party' and we all get up and do our moves. isn't it great to be sober so we can be silly and still have fun with our inner child? awesome blog!!

  2. A spontaneous 3 minute dance party sounds awesome. I am totally going to have to steal that. It is nice to connect with my inner child, and I love knowing there are other people out there that like it too!