Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wish-You-Were-Here Pepper Sauce

While I am always 150% ready for the cooler weather of Fall when it gets here, I am always a little bit sad to have to say goodbye to my summer vegetable plants.  This year I only had a few – with a baby due in June, I knew I didn’t need to have a ton of veggies to care for.  But the ones I did have all produced fairly well, especially my cayenne pepper plant.

On Sunday. I harvested from my pepper plant for the last time this season and decided to make some hot pepper sauce.  Pepper sauce was always a staple in our family growing up.  You better believe Meme always had some on the table.  A few years back, Mama took over the making of the pepper sauce.   Last winter I actually had to buy some pepper sauce and cannot begin to tell you how blasphemous I felt when going through the check out line.  Never will I have to purchase pepper sauce again.  See below for super-easy tutorial.

While I was making up this batch of pepper sauce, I took the time to remember my Meme who passed away just a month ago.  It is nearly impossible to think that this amazing woman isn’t physically in my life any more.  However, I am so thankful to have her touch me in special little ways every single day.  On Sunday, it just happened to be the peppers.  Wish you were here, Meme!  Love you always!


A handful of fresh cayenne peppers – green, red or both
Cider vinegar
Whole peppercorns
Garlic clove

Put a small put of cider vinegar on to boil.

While waiting to boil, cut up your cayennes into thirds.

Add to your container of choice.  I went with the always reliable Ball Jar today.  You may also add a sprinkle of whole peppercorns and a garlic clove.  (This one is sans garlic because I’m taking it to my Mama.)
After you have added the peppers and extras, fill the container with the boiled vinegar and then seal up.  Let the sauce sit for 2-3 days and then enjoy!  I love mine over collards and turnips.  Yum!

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